All Black Everything

3rd coat on AB #1 Composition tonight.  4th coat of gloss with 95% black to go on tomorrow.  2 coats away from completion and then on to bronze on bronze action.

AB Comp. #1

AB Comp. #1

Add This To The List

Limited release this week with full rollout through 3/28.  God bless Jason Bateman.

The 4th Circle?

Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram

So people who blog are what exactly? What about snapchat or instagram?  Or did one of these assholes make up this venn diagram?



If you live it, you are the real deal.  If you preach and post about, your full of shit.  Take that BS somewhere else as we are not buying.


Devil You Know

Seven Years Alone is the new track from Devil You Know off the upcoming release, The Beauty Of Destruction.  This band features Howard Jones (killswitch engage), Francesco Artusato (all shall perish) and John Sankey (fear factory).  The track is killer, especially the drums…just some wicked double bass.


The Work

Can I get back to the mindset that the work is what matters?  I am not specifically speaking about Work, I am just saying in general THE work.  I define The work in regards to the work of painting, the work of playing guitar, the work of drawing, etc.  Over this winter I have forebodingness of displeasure in the result so I therefore avoid the attempt.  It is not an innate fear but a clear sense that I will strongly detest my work enough to think that the attempt is an abject failure.

Is it possible to move past this and just start working again.  I am not sure but today I have tried.  I am hoping that continual efforts pay off with a little less doom and gloom surrounding the process.  Hoping.

8th Annual Oscar Pool Results & Observations

So after rechecking we have the final numbers in and with great ado we say congrats to Dave H. for his 2nd win in the Annual Pool.  Dave missed only 2 categories (Both only 1 pointers) and had a total of 80 points out of possible 82!  Quite Impressive and good enough for a fairly easy win.  Results below -

  1. Dave H – 80
  2. Juli P – 74
  3. Molly P – 71 (Dog)
  4. Lis H – 69
  5. Bessie FP – 67 (Dog)
  6. Ann F – 66
  7. Matt P – 65
  8. Joseph M – 64
  9. Donnie S – 63
  10. Sara B – 61
  11. Paula S – 52
  12. Norah M – 51
  13. Jan H – 50
  14. Kent F – 47
  15. Bob B – 41
  16. Katherine B – 39
  17. Rosemary M – 38
  18. Lindsay M – 36
  19. Erin S – 35
  20. Jamie M – 34
  21. Addie R – 31
  22. Mingus/Dizzy – 30 (Combined Cat Strength)
  23. Neil Z – 27
  24. Stacey S – 24
  25. Rhea M – 17
  26. Olivia M – 15

On to the financials -

  • 26 Entries amounts to $125 (Due to one free entrant)
  • If you have not paid please send it or drop it off or you can do it via paypal (
  • 1st Place Wins – $110 awarded to Dave H.
  • 2nd Place Wins – $15 awarded to Juli P.

And a few additional side notes -

  • Coupled Thoughts – Dave & Lis had a combined score of 149 while Matt & Ann had a combined score of 131
  • Couple Disparity – Joseph & Lindsay and Donnie & Erin were 28 points apart as couples.
  • Molly beat Bessie by 4 points and did an excellent job in starting off this new rivalry.
  • 2 of the top 5 are dogs.  Ouch.
  • Last years lowest score of 13 by Rosemary M was improved upon all the way to 38! 25 points of improvement is impressive.
  • Rhea & Olivia (yes they do pick their own) tied for lowest siblings but they shall be back next year with a vengeance….especially now that they know I will give them the money.
  • We did not have ANY ties in 2014.  Crazy!
  • In 2015 I will be submitting a ballot, but not officially competing due to the 1 year ban I have accepted due to the travesty known as Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey wining in the same year.
  • The two lowest adult scores in 2014 are Stacey & Neil but both are new to the Pool this year so I would expect major bumps in scoring in 2015.
  • Speaking of 2015 Stacey has a free entrance in 2015.

Thank you again for participating as this makes it a lot more fun for all of us.  Look forward to 2015 already (I really hope for better movies) and best of luck to all of you.

Finally….congratulations to Dave H on his triumphant and dominating win…

Dave H's Golden Boy

Dave H’s Golden Boy

It’s A Wrap

Not a bad show but around the 3/4 mark it took a serious dive in my opinion.  From the shitty Pink song to the bad In Memoriam tribute to the forced standing ovation I have ever witnessed (way to overstay on the stage Bette).

Ellen killed it and most of the music was well done and suited for the show.  They should have eliminated some of the other fluff and given Ellen more open time to roam around.

On our scoring it was pretty tight but in the end it really opened up due to the over-love that Gravity was being given.  I do not want to post the final numbers until I can double and triple check tomorrow but it looks like the winner is a first time winner and has a score of 80 while only missing 2 (TWO!) categories.  I will confirm and have the final numbers posted tomorrow prior to noon so check back and thanks for following along tonight.


Matthew McConaughey’s speech just made me want to quit doing this forever.  So who exactly is your hero you dope?

Song Changer

So “Let It Go” was the clear favorite in our voting block (due to parents) but that was a major upset.